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The Face Behind It All

Starting as an unsolicited life coach to family, friends, and even strangers, Aja Gant is one of the most passionate and transparent motivators in this day and age.  Coming from rough beginnings, Aja has used her tests in life as a testimony to others. With a very witty, yet direct approach, Aja has managed to get people to see the truth of who they are, the reality of the circumstances surrounding them, and the tools necessary to evoke change in their lives.

Coming to know Christ for herself at the age of 19, Aja has been on a tireless quest to transform and evolve herself into what God has called her to be. It’s the spiritual tools gained up to this point, along with her own personal experiences, that have led to Aja being the light that shines so bright for so many. 

Becoming a Certified Professional Coach and Master Business Coach in 2013, Aja learned the technical skills needed to continue her work in motivating and teaching God’s people put along her path. In addition to being the Founder and CEO of Mending Fences Professional Coaching Services, Aja is currently a small group leader at Zion church, where she has been attending since 2015. Her group is geared towards women of all ages that are struggling with embracing themselves as an authentic image of God.

Aja currently lives in the suburbs of Washington, DC with her eleven year old son Xavier. 



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