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Who We Are... 

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Mending Fences is an organization that seeks to support and encourage every individual in being their very best. It is a place where people transform and heal in the spirit of love, faith, and hope. In providing various individual and group coaching sessions, Mending Fences aids in assisting every individual in learning to better understand themselves, by way of truth and vulnerability, in order to be better for themselves and others. We are dedicated to serving with love, kindness and respect. We are committed to providing the information, tools and skills required to support people in moving through the challenges of being human.

Our Mission is to help people discover who they really are by uncovering individual purpose and healing past hurts.


Our Vision is to change fixed mindsets and instill hope in the lives of each person we connect with so that they can in turn instill that same hope in those they connect with until we've all joined forces and created a world that consists of more love, faith, and hope.  

Our Purpose is to positively impact humanity one mind, body, and soul at a time. 

Mending Fences was founded by Aja Gant in 2013. What began as “The Relationship Project,” a creative vision for a personalized greeting card line, eventually turned into a simple life coaching business, and has now evolved into a teaching institution that offers individual, couple, and group life coaching, in addition to organizational consulting, and mastermind training and certification.

Mending Fences also offers a variety of classes and workshops that supports participants in understanding, healing, and being liberated from lifelong obstacles and barriers. We believe that taking personal inventory and discovering all personal nuances of oneself is vital to discovering one’s life purpose and spiritual gifts.

Fulfillment, as we understand it, is the ability to experience and express peace, joy, and love in every aspect of life. Here at Mending Fences, we believe that this is the very foundation to living a fulfilling life alongside those we love and encounter along the way. 
It is an honor and pleasure for our team to work with and support you along your journey! 


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